Year : 2019 – The Resolution

I would like to be more disciplined to myself. I will push myself to stick with what I’ve already planned ahead and want to achieve. Some of the discipline I would like to apply today to my life is :

  • Train and exercise harder and better to reach my optimum physique.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Practice more in my piano playing.
  • Read and comprehend more books.
  • Write more.
  • Pray more.

When I accomplish all of these, I will regain my trust to myself in which eventually led to a better self-love.

I will most definitely make peace with myself.

I will be more comfortable and prouder to myself than I am before.

All of this is a positive change for myself and my life. I believe it would also improve many things in my life, my love life, my career, my financial, and everything.

I just need to believe in myself again wholeheartedly.. That I could accomplish anything I put my mind and my intention into.

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